As a user of Twitter you are faced with a difficult choice. Either you publicly broadcast your tweets to the entire world or you privately share them with a single chosen group of followers. While private profiles allow you to make more candid tweets, Twitter only allows for a single set of followers with whom you share all your tweets. What do you do when your boss wants to follow your private account on Twitter? Declining her follower request could put you in trouble, but accepting her as a follower means she now knows about your weekend getaways.

Twitsper eliminates this dilemma by giving you the power of choosing who can view each of your tweets. You can now create groups comprising subsets of your followers and limit viewership per tweet to one of these groups. When no group is selected, your tweet behaves just like a normal public tweet broadcast to all your followers, or to the entire world if your account is public. When you wish to post a more personal or private tweet, you can chose to share it with only a select group, such as family or close friends. You create the groups yourself from your own list of followers, giving you full control over who sees every tweet.

In building Twitsper, we focus on: